Iqrup + Ritz was founded by mother and daughter duo Iqrup + Ritika (Ritz) Dhamija.

When the 'Ritz’ of Iqrup + Ritz couldn’t find the right furniture for her apartment, her response was to create a contemporary design brand that valued beautiful designexpert craftsmanship, and accessibility. Our mission is to make contemporary design easy. A crazy, hectic year later, Iqrup + Ritz have shipped 1000s of products worldwide, and become synonymous with quality and affordable luxury. Working between our offices in London and Delhi, we bring you our favourite collections at attractive prices. 

We've had some very important names grace our sofas and armchairs form Deepika Padukone to Arvind Kejriwal and have been featured in multiple magazines, blogs and newspapers including Architectural Digest, Elle Decor, India Today and the Indian Express.  



Iqrup (mother) trained in London and lives in Delhi. The Creative Head of  Iqrup + Ritz, she has been an interior designer and furniture maker for over 30 years. She describes her style as ‘global collector meets classic contemporary’. 

Ritika (daughter) was raised in Delhi and lives in London. Ritika (Ritz) is the CEO of Iqrup + Ritz. She worked for many years in investment banking until she decided to give in to her inner decorista. She describes her style as ‘lived in chic with bursts of colour’.



We're a family of makers.

We are a small company of people with offices in Delhi and London, and we work with family-run workshops across the world to design and make furniture that not only looks fantastic, but feels fantastic too. Why should you have to pay a lot of money for something that looks good, but won’t last through two seasons and maybe a small dog? We’re passionate about great design, but not at the expense of comfort, and not at the expense of quality.

Because we’re small, we are actively involved at every stage in the production of our collections. We know our designers, our makers, our suppliers, and we are passionate about collaboration – the marriage of an eclectic range of skills, knowledge, and beautiful design sense. 


Design-led, not trend chasers. 

We believe that great design is timeless, and we strive to produce quality pieces that last beyond a lifetime. Furniture should not only make your house a home, but it should survive beyond a year, a couple of rowdy kids, and a few unobliging pets. 

We design in-house and collaborate with many celebrated designers across the world to make quality, handcrafted furniture that lasts beyond a lifetime. We take classic shapes, clean lines, and global styles from different periods, different countries, and update them for contemporary living. The accent is on form, proportion and comfort. So when you buy from Iqrup + Ritz, you’re not spending on a trend, you’re purchasing a lifetime’s worth of style and expert craftsmanship. 


Your home your style.

Creating the right customer experience is our obsession. Your home is your story and we’re working hard to create the perfect platform to realise your space. Our emphasis on detail ensures each piece is made with utmost care. We work with the top delivery specialists that help us get our products across the country and overseas

When it comes to interiors, one size does not fit all. Our design team can help make your dream home a reality. Get a full designer service at our studio or shop from the comfort of your home at iqrupandritz.com. Call us on +91 9599110672 or email us on contact.in@iqrupandritz.com to book a design consultation at our studio in Gurgaon.  



Every piece has a story.

We only sell products we love and we only work with people we love. We’re a family and we work with family-run workshops. Some of the artisans at our workshops have worked with Iqrup for over 30 years. 

Through our handmade collections we endeavour to preserve the skills and knowledge of traditional handcrafts. We don’t believe in mass production, and we don’t believe in paying so much for so little quality. Our collections are beautifully designed, expertly crafted at the perfect price for you. We believe that the pleasure gained from having an Iqrup + Ritz gem in your home comes directly from the attention and craft put into it by our highly-skilled craftsmen.

Making of Iqrup + Ritz's Draper Chair

making handmade at iqrup + ritz   

Watch the cooking of our Draper chair  

Weeks and weeks of designing
+ 35 hours of carpentry
+ 27 hours of upholstery
+ 22 hours of polishing = 16 hands
+ 5 meters of fabric
+ ½ a sheet of foam
+ 9 coiled springs
+ 74 cups of chai (tea)  



We only sell products we love and we only work with people we love. We’re a family and all the workshops we collaborate with are also family-run. Some of the artisans at our workshops have worked with Iqrup for over 30 years.   


At Iqrup + Ritz every piece has a story, not only of how it was made, but also how it was designed, made, and delivered to your home. We honour our materials by using the highest quality craftsmen and makers to create pieces that last a lifetime or more. 


Our emphasis on detail ensures each piece is made with utmost care. Countless hours are spent sourcing the best raw materials and perfecting our designs. Our pieces are designed in-house and in conjunction with some of the best established and upcoming designers around the world. 


We’re keen that our designs reflect their craft and not their logo.  At Iqrup + Ritz, we stand for quality not mass production. We believe in buying less to get more!  Through our handmade collections we endeavour to keep the skill and tradition of handcrafting alive.


No middle men no way! We cut out the middlemen to ensure the highest quality at the lowest possible prices.


Creating the right customer experience is our obsession. Your home is your story and we work hard to create the perfect platform to
realise your space.

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