There was a time when the thought of wallpaper brought to mind the words - yellow, retro, ageing, bordering on ugly and all of this definitely not in a cool, ironic hipster way. But, times have changed! There are so many fun, exciting and unexpected ways to use wallpaper to really add a certain wow-factor to your room. We have invited Homewings interior designers to share their view on how to re-introduce trendy wallpaper in our homes.

Homewings is a new online service that makes professional interior design convenient, fun and affordable. Whether you’re accessorising or want to have your space designed from scratch, Homewings provide a custom service that works.



Prints are making a serious comeback! Best used in small spaces, they make an otherwise dull bathroom into a fun, interesting, polished haven!  Go brave or go home when it comes to the print and soften with pictures on the wall that balance it out.


Want to go that extra mile with something really special? If you have a space that demands a powerful centre piece, why not go for a mural wallpaper, these look amazing in entrances, outside walls and ceilings. Or if you want something truly unique why not commission an artist to paint the mural on plain wallpaper.


If you find a wallpaper that you really fall in love with, this can help inform the rest of your design for the room. The colour, shapes and style will inspire the rest of the choices in the space to create a beautiful and cohesive look. Just take a look at the commitment to the blue and orange palette in this design.

If you need some help finding the perfect wallpaper for your space visit Homewings to work with +100 talented designers to transform your own space into the one you’ve always wanted! You can even book a complimentary 30-minute consultation with a Homewings designer to get a better understanding of how their online interior design service works.

Thank you Homewings for a great post! Watch this space for more design tips. - Iqrup + Ritz x